About Us

We exist to serve homeschooling families by providing quality educational enrichment and academic courses that help children know, love, and cultivate the world that God has made. We seek to provide a safe, restful, engaging environment in which children can learn and grow. 

We believe that education is meant to be challenging and engaging, and that the best education develops life-long learners. We believe that children are capable of extraordinary things, and we want to provide a nurturing environment in which they can excel. We want our children to learn to pay careful attention to the world around them, so that they will see the beauty and complexity of what God has made. We want our children to have the space and time they need to enjoy childhood and playfulness. 

Our Organisation

We are a member-run organisation. That means that each cooperative member has a voice in what classes, and social events s/he would like to see offered here. It also means that each member takes responsibility for a small part of the care, maintenance, and growth of our organisation. 

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